About Us

Once upon a time

Fifteen years ago, Leslie discovered Morocco. At that time, she was a student and settled in Casablanca for a six-month internship at an event agency. She took the opportunity to explore the country and meet Moroccans, and it was a real crush. 

In 2021, she settled in Marrakech "for good" and decided to materialize a project that was close to her heart and missing in the red city: experiences for tourists to discover the different realities of Morocco in immersion, far from tourist traps. Because Marrakech is still too often nicknamed "Scam-arrakech"... And when Leslie hears the testimonials of visitors who completely missed out on their stay in her favorite city because they didn't make the right connections or were seduced by unscrupulous agencies, it breaks her heart. It is to address this that the Small Experiences in Marrakech were born!

The Birthof a Project

Street food tours, immersion in traditional hammams, meals or cooking classes with locals, visits to the must-see spots of the medina or the medina by night, experiencing Marrakech during Ramadan, day trips to the Atlas Mountains... All these experiences have been designed to allow you to discover Marrakech differently, off the beaten path.

Il a tout d’abord fallu s’entourer des bonnes personnes, et composer notre équipe de choc ! Rachida, Aziza, Abdelmajid, Rachid, Othmane et tous les autres membres de la team ont participé à la conception de ces expériences. Car notre objectif est vraiment d’inclure les populations locales à la réflexion et la création de notre offre, qu’ils soient acteurs de ces expériences et non de simples exécutants. Il a ensuite fallu les former aux exigences du domaine du tourisme, car beaucoup d’entre eux n’avaient jamais été au contact de touristes. Cela fait aussi partie de notre philosophie : accompagner, transmettre des compétences, faire grandir. Et quel bonheur de voir des femmes reprendre confiance en elles et se rendre compte de la valeur de leur travail et de leur savoir-faire !











5 Good Reasons to Book with Us


Respect for the environment, local populations, and clients

This involves offering quality experiences to our clients, providing them with a cultural exchange that also benefits locals and is genuine (no assembly line work here, families don't receive clients every day, so it remains a pleasure for them and the encounters remain spontaneous even if they are organized). All while taking care to limit our waste and our impact on nature. That way, everyone wins!


Promoting an authentic, true, and nuanced image of Morocco

Generally, tourists are shown all the Moroccan folklore. But Marrakech is not just life in the medina (indeed, fewer and fewer locals live there), traditional attire, and couscous! The Small Experiences aim to open you up to other facets of Morocco, to show you other neighborhoods of the city, to introduce you to various interlocutors (men, women, Moroccans, and expats...), to complement your vision of the red city and (more deeply) of Morocco .


Discovery and learning through experience

We believe there is no better method than experiencing to discover, learn, and understand. And what city is more relevant than Marrakech to stimulate all your senses? (rhetorical question, because we'll tell you: there's none better hehe!) Here, no passive visits, no cooking classes where you just watch the chef cook... Here, you get your hands dirty, and that's how you create the best memories!



No topic is taboo, questioning breaks down prejudices

Our wish is for you to feel like you've spent time with one or more friends and that you feel free to ask any questions that come to mind. Our guides and speakers will share their stories and experiences with you, and with them, there are no taboos! Take advantage of having them at your fingertips to ask them all your questions and deepen your understanding of Moroccan culture!



Equity and transparency in commercial and partnership relations

We are committed to valuing the work and expertise of our local partners by providing them with fair compensation (too many agencies pay their partners peanuts, or even nothing at all...). Therefore, prices are calculated as fairly as possible, both for our clients and our partners.